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Tiny Bubbles has arrived at
Bundaberg, Austrailia

Get in touch with the crew

Master Josh
mammoth_lakes at hotmail.com
Commander Heidi
heidimlee at hotmail.com

About the vessel

Tiny Bubbles is a Pacific Seacraft 25 (1977 fiberglass sloop)

So far she has taken us over 8000 nautical miles. Josh found her in Keehi Lagoon at La Mariana Marina, Oahu. She's a double-ender with a transom hung rudder. She has no standing headroom, no head, and no stove (we've added a one burner kerosene stove). Her interior has mostly been redone, with added bulk heads and storage space. There is one pipe berth and the floor converts to a single sleeping quarter. We redid the rigging with galvanized wire and homemade chain plates. She is luxury incarnate, we have plans to charter her out to the Trumps for some R&R.

We can't register/document her with the Coast Guard because we fail to meet both the weight and length requirments. Makes it interesting when checking in and dealing with officials. She's been home to us for over two years now. We don't really worry much about lack of space. Our inflatable kayak serves as a guest bedroom. Makes the walk to the bathroom at night real short.

We love visitors, feel free to come and visit anytime!